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"In all our work, we have been directed by the one controlling thought--to excel." Our second CEO, Walter H. Cottingham, wrote these words more than a century ago. Excellence was already a Sherwin-Williams® tradition.

You are part of it today. At the Center of Excellence, the exciting dimensions of our past, present and future come alive as we mark the values and achievements that still call us to leadership in a vital industry.

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In the 6000 square foot space, seven three-dimensional exhibit areas feature images, text, sound, video and memorabilia. Click on a number below to visit displays.

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Past and Present
Experience our history and share some of the stories that have made the company what it is today.

Take a trip through our online timeline.

Tour the Center
Sherwin-Williams® holds more than 500 patents. The first ones were granted to inventions by Henry Sherwin himself.

Highlights in inventions and innovations.

Did You Know?
We've been creating terrific professional and do-it-yourself tools for color styling for more than a century.

See our color stories.


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